Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pare Benefits For Health, Beauty, and Diet

Pare benefits For health, beauty, and diet – if we're talking about vegetables pare, certainly we would think a food that is very bitter, it is indeed reasonable, because the vegetable is famous for its bitter taste, but behind the bitter taste of the benefits of health it is extremely large for the pare.

PARE contains a wide variety of antioxidants a very high antioxidant content, where it is so good for warding off all free radicals from the environment that can cause dangerous diseases. In addition, according to the study, vegetable pare also efficacious for treating beauty and diet.

Benefits Pare

Well as to whether the benefits of pare for health, beauty and diet then? to answer these questions, on this occasion, I would be a little review about efficacy the pare vegetables, all that I have auto summary in 3 to pare benefits health, beauty and diet here.

1. pare Benefits for the health of the body
Pare or peria contains antioxidants and vitamin C is very high, where the content is so play an active role in triggering the body's immune system in order to increase, so this is where the efficacy of pare for health appears, if the immune system produced a lot, then it would be a protection or protective body from various harmful disease threat, plus the content of vintamin C that would make the higher durability.

2. pare Benefits for beauty
In addition to the benefits for the health of pare is very high, according to the study, pare also very useful to take care of beauty, good kecantikam facial skin, body, hair, eyes and even the contents of importance in pare as antioxidant, antiseptic and antibakterial, will be sustained in taking care of our beauty, to benefit pare for beauty, you can create a mask that is derived from this and pare menggunakanya in areas of the face, or if you like with a bitter taste Please to be processed into delicious dishes.

3. diet program to pare Benefits
PARE is one of the many vegetables contain fiber, natural fiber found in pare have a variety of benefits to help Your diet program, ranging from tackling the stomach pain, constipation, difficult CHAPTER, up to being able to lose weight in order to be a normal dikisaran. to get the benefits of pare on a diet, you must cultivate to become a food and eat it every day, or if you hold with a bitter taste, so it is better to make fresh juice of pare.

That's some usefulness to pare health, beauty and diet, to benefit the pare to the maximum, then do routine maintenance every day.
The case review on the merits of pare for health, beauty, and diet

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Benefits Of Cucumber Fruit For High Blood

Benefits of Cucumber Fruit For Fruit – high blood metimun, cucumber or cucumber is bauh many and abundant in Indonesia, with very cheap price, the population in Indonesia often makes the cucumber as complementary dishes, such as fresh vegetables, mixed Satay dishes and much more. However, the actual usefulness of the fruit of cucumbers can be more than that.

Cucumber fruit contain a variety of nutrients needed by our body, ranging from vitamins A, B, C, minerals, potassium, silica megnesium, antioxidants and many more, the contents are very useful to preserve the health of our body. One of the benefits of a large cucumber fruit is able to overcome the problem of high blood pressure or hypertension.

Benefits Of Cucumber Fruit For High Blood

Benefits Of Cucumber Fruit
Benefits Of Cucumber Fruit
Hypertension appears due to a myriad of factors, ranging from the consequences of cholesterol that builds up to a result dai genetic or heredity, well if you mengakami high blood pressure (hypertension) then the konsumailah cucumber regularly every day.

Cucumber fruit becomes very useful for high blood occurs because the cucumber contains potassium and megnesium, second is this content which is capable of lowering high blood pressure so soon. benefits of cucumber fruit to hypertension not only that, but by the content of silica and iron found in the cucumbers, then this will be very natural ingredients helps to increase the number of red blood cells in the blood vessel (vein) in our body, so that in addition to tackling high blood pressure, cucumber was also able to prevent us from disease anemia.

To get the benefits of cucumber fruit for high blood, you can eat fresh fruit directly, moreover if you feel less interested in should be eating directly, then you can make your preparations of cucumbers, like making juices, vegetables, mixed dishes and much more. Although the benefits of cucumber for high blood is very large, but You don't eat too much fruit this cucumber , because if you eat too much fruit of cucumbers, then it will lead to the emergence of new diseases are low blood pressure, i.e. the rules for taking a good cucumber fruit is 1 piece (medium size) every day, once you do blood pressure checks are already stable, then stop the consumption of cucumber. Because if you continue it will make blood pressure becomes low.

That's a bit of information about the benefits of cucumber fruit to high blood (hypertension), if you have hypertension, you need not purchase costly medications, because with the cucumber is a very easy and cheap, you can treat Your high blood pressure diseases effectively, good luck with the benefits of cucumber for high blood. May be useful.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Benefits Of Cucumber Fruits For Pregnant Women

Benefits of Cucumber Fruits For pregnant women – the fruit of cucumbers in Indonesia many made as a material for very fresh vegetables, usually cucumber served as fresh vegetables accompanied with peanuts or grated coconut. But can cucumbers more benefits from it.
According to some research done against fruit cucumbers, it turns out they get very surprising results, where there are a wide variety of nutrients stored in the cucumber, ranging from vitamins A, B, C, the mineral potassium, silica, high in antioxidants omega 3, and many more.

Benefits Of Cucumber Fruits For Pregnant Women

Benefits Of Cucumber
Benefits Of Cucumber
 According to experts the contents is very beneficial for adequate intake of nutrients in the body, especially to the pregnant mother. Not only beneficial for mothers hamilk, but cucumbers are also valuable for the fetus they contain.

Then what are the benefits of cucumber fruits for pregnant women it is? to answer Your curiosity, on this occasion I will share a bit of information about the benefits of cucumber. all that I have auto summary in cucumber fruit benefits for pregnant women here.

1. Nourish mother and fetus conceived
The benefits of cucumber fruit for the first pregnancy is able to provide the intake of nutrients to the mother and the fruit of the heart, full of nutrients contained fruit of cucumbers will provide good nutritious intake for the mother or baby, because at the moment it contains, mothers and babies need nutrients of food dikonsumsinya.

2. Maintain body health of mother and fetus
Cucumber fruit mangandung vitamin C is very high, we know own vitramin C is very beneficial to give the immune system for a person, so it's not wrong cucumber fruit benefits for pregnant women and the fetus is very high i.e. capable of maintaining the health of the body.

3. Stimulate the growth and development of fetus
In order for the biological mother of the fetus could grow and develop to its full potential, then given nutrients optimally, one of the foods that contain a variety of nutrients is the fruit of cucumbers, moreover in cucumber fruits also contain omega-3 compounds are extremely high, where the content can spur development, UN intelligence on prospective fruit heart mother.

4. Lower high blood pressure
Benefits of cucumber fruits for pregnant women was able to lower high blood pressure (hypertension) in the mother being pregnant or get pregnant, this occurs because the cucumber contains potassium is very high, where the content is very beneficial for lowering high blood pressure.

Now that's some of the benefits of cucumber fruits for pregnant women and the fetus, if you want to get the benefits of cucumber fruit optimally, then it was this fresh fruit consumption regularly every day.
So a brief topic reviews regarding the benefits of cucumber fruits for pregnant women. May be useful.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

3 Fruits to Treat Typhoid

3 Fruits to Treat Typhoid Tipes of disease caused by bacteria Salmonella typhi that goes into the stomach via the food and drink which is already polluted. These bacteria will be lodged in the intestine, then undermined the intestinal wall. And within 24-72 hours after infection so these bacteria can penetrate the intestinal wall and invades the spleen and the blood vessels. The symptoms experienced by sufferers of typhoid fever usually is high especially in the afternoon and evening, the body weak, ill tengorokan, constipation and sometimes diarrhea. To treat typhoid usually sufferers will be given antibiotic from the doctor, and here is a fruit that can be packed by the sufferer to help treat typhoid:
3 Fruits to Treat Typhoid
3 Fruits to Treat Typhoid

1. Pineapple: pineapple fruit is a fruit that can be used to treat typhoid fever, pineapple contains vitamin C, bromelain and vitamin B complex. Vitamin C helps to increase the durability of the body while bromelain can reduce abdominal muscle pain and speed healing of wounds resulting from the attack of bacteria in the gut. It's easy, simply blend the pineapple is ripe and drink every morning before breakfast.

2. Papaya: papaya fruit can help in treating typhoid because fruit papaya can facilitate digestion so that food can pass through the intestine with lancer without incurring additional infections or digestive ganguan. The trick with young papaya and drinking memarut water perasanya 2 times a day until healed.

3. Cucumber: cucumber is a fruit that can be used to treat typhoid because cucumber can reduce inflammation in the stomach caused by salmonella bacteria. The trick is to drink the juice from grated cucumber fresh fruit 3 it's been washed clean.

Try to mengkosumsi the fruits in the morning or the afternoon before eating. Because when these fruits are consumed after a meal, then fermentation would occur against the food already eaten and will aggravate your typhus. Avoid foods that are sour and acid so as not to memperpar typhoid. In addition, always enough rest and don't get too tired.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

5 Fruit to Treat Stroke

5 Fruit to Treat Stroke  Stroke is a horrible disease that can deprive the freedom of a person. A very deadly disease typically comes in suddenly and without obvious symptoms symptoms. A stroke is a condition in which the brain cells suddenly die due to lack of oxygen. This can be caused by an obstruction in the blood stream, or rupture of arteries that feed the brain. Strokes can cause paralysis, people either paralyzed or partly paralyzed throughout the body. A stroke can occur due to many factors, ranging from unhealthy eating patterns, active and passive smoker, high blood cholesterol, and also obesity. fruits were to have efficacy for treating strokes. To reduce the risk of stroke and also to treat stroke can use fruits below:
5 Fruit to Treat Stroke
5 Fruit to Treat Stroke

1. Bananas: bananas Consume 3 x a day can provide sufficient potassium to prevent blood clots were, which is a leading cause of stroke.
2. Apples: apples in addition to contain enough potassium high also contains pectin which helps menyetabilkan blood pressure so as to reduce the risk of stroke from hypertension.
3. Cucumber: cucumber is also a fruit to treat stroke. Because cucumber helps reduce blood pressure and potassium contained in its may prevent blood clots in the brain.
4. Star fruit: the fruit that is known for the unique shape is also capable to treat stroke. Star fruit contain an almost similar to that of Apple pectin and potassium from either, so the star fruit is able to prevent blood clotting and also reduce hypertension.
5. Papaya: Papaya can help reduce the risk of stroke because it can nourish the heart and improve blood circulation.

Fruits above is a fruit that can be used to treat stroke. To get the maximum results and avoid stroke, it would be nice if the above fruits consumption coupled with a healthy lifestyle free from smoking and junk food. In addition, to avoid a clash on the head and always protect your head, especially when driving. This is because frequent cases, that a stroke can come only 3 hours sesuda head bumps. Head bumps can cause blood vessels to rupture and lumpy, and can cause a stroke even died.
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Sunday, February 15, 2015

9 Benefits of Eating Bananas Routine

9 Benefits of Eating Bananas Routine- Eating bananas Indonesian people's choice, in addition to readily available in all areas and price cheap turns bananas have a variety of benefits to human health. The fruit is very suitable as a dessert after a meal. So from that, many of us who serve this fruit in the daily menu.
9 Benefits of Eating Bananas Routine
9 Benefits of Eating Bananas Routine

Here are 9 regular benefits by eating bananas:
1. For those of you who have problems with weight, then the benefits of regularly eating bananas as you diat menu that can help you lose weight. Due to the calorie content of bananas is very small.
2. Routine eating bananas also impact both in maintaining the balance of the amount of fluid in the body. The content of potassium in bananas is needed to shore up balance the amount of fluid in the body to support all organ performance.
3. Your body vulnerable to disease? By regularly eating a banana can help boost your immune system because the manganese content is high enough on bananas.
4. The benefits of eating bananas can improve the energy your body needs to perform daily activities. That's because healthy carbohydrate content found in bananas. This carbohydrate that can add energy to the body.
5. Regular consumption of bananas can reduce inflammation, protect from the risk of type II diabetes, helps to lose weight, strengthen the nervous system, and helps the production of white blood cells. All due to high levels of vitamin B-6.
6. Risk of Impaired vision due to old age or commonly called macular degeneration can be solved or prevented by eating at least three bananas every day.
7. Bananas it also has an effect in improving mood. The content of neurotransmitter contained in this fruit can help you feel calm and also stabilize mood (mood) naturally.
8. Other benefits of bananas that can neutralize the loss of calcium during urination and build strong bones.
9. Bananas contain substances antidote to the acid in the body so as to relieve heartburn.
How Do? Far wiser not after reading the article about 9 regular benefits by eating bananas. Hope it is useful.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Benefits of Avocado Fruits for Skin Care

Benefits of Avocado Fruits for Skin Care - Avocado possession of substances that are good for the skin, especially the face. Therefore, avocados have good content to the skin, the avocado is often used for skin care. Here are his ways Benefits of avocado for facial skin.
Benefits of Avocado Fruits for Skin Care
Benefits of Avocado Fruits for Skin Care

1. As a facial cleanser
This recipe for cleaning the skin pores and frees the skin of dirt and excess oil. To make a facial cleanser with avocado, you can add one egg yolk, half a cup of milk, and half an avocado. First beat eggs until foamy, then add the avocado flesh is smooth and milk. Stir until blended Capuran like lotion. Use this mixture to clean your face regularly. This will eliminate harmful toxins from your skin and make it look more youthful and radiant.

2. For oily skin masks:
Benefits of avocado to the skin to make avocado mask, you need lemon, egg white and half the avocado flesh. Lemon is useful as a natural astringent and control of oil production by the skin, while the egg to whiten and nourish the skin with a high protein content. Meanwhile avocado oil to balance the mix. How to make this mask pack, avocado, egg, lemon juice, and egg whites into the blender up into a fine paste. Use this mask to your skin for twenty minutes before rinsing with warm water.

3. For a moisturizing mask:
Materials required, avocado as a moisturizer, honey as a natural antiseptic, and yogurt to cleanse and soften the skin and tighten pores. Take two take the meat and mashed avocado. Then add the yogurt and honey and mix well. Apply the mixture as a face mask and leave it for fifteen minutes before rinsing with warm water. To moisturize the body can. Simply apply throughout the body and leave it for 10-15 minutes then showered with warm water. Useful avocado mask to remove dead skin cells and prevent aging so that you will look more youthful.